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and palestinian militants in gaza holds up for more than 24 hours. both sides are claiming victory. a holiday travel nightmare. more than 100 cars are involved in a deadly pileup shutting down a texas highway for hours. >> gridiron goof up. a thanksgiving day football game turns on a coach's error and an unusual ruling. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, november 23, 2012. good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. with the turkey tucked away and dishes done millions of americans took part in the new american tradition holiday shopping on thanksgiving night. not even on black friday.
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according to one survey 17% of shoppers said they would take advantage of thanksgiving hours. the national retail federation estimates 147 million americans will shop between thursday and sunday and they will be spending big money. more than $586 billion in november and december. cbs moneywatch's erica ferrari is here. >> reporter: retailers are doing all they can to get shoppers in the door this year and that means opening up earlier and earlier on the eve of black friday. excited shoppers rush into the toys "r" us store in new york's times square. it was one of many retailers to open their doors on thanksgiving night. >> i stay home on friday but i come when i put the turkey in the oven, i run to the store. >> reporter: lines outside big box stores like best buy and discounters like walmart seemingly stretched from coast to coast while shoppers hunted for deals, retailers were fighting for customers by opening up earlier than they
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ever had on the holiday. >> it's almost like an arms race. first 6:00 a.m., then midnight. >> reporter: competition among stores is fierce and so is there struggle with online retailers. brick-and-mortar can make up 40% of their annual revenue by offering bargain prices, attracting shoppers who are more than willing to wait it out. >> we've done it for five years. this is our fifth year. >> there will be no thanksgiving because everybody will start shopping. >> reporter: it's that thought that's prompting a backlash against some businesses. this week an employee delivered 350,000 signatures to target's home office asking the company to reverse its decision on operating on thanksgiving. target's ceo said the stiff competition forced the company's hand. >> we are in a competitive environment. we try never to lead in that dimension because we really think it's important to take care of our team and we value our team so we would like not to move earlier. we'll just see how the market
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goes. >> reporter: protesters set their sights on walmart. they are calling on the retailer to improve wages and treatment of their employees. >> it hurts me to know my fellow associates are becoming dependent on their local food pantries. they are working a full time job. why can they not take care of themselves and their families? >> reporter: walmart contends their pay and benefits are as good or better than their competitors. for those of you who don't want to brave the stores on thanksgiving or black friday, or any other part of the shopping season, you're not alone. online shopping is expected to rise 15% this year. terrell. >> cyber monday coming up. erica ferrari, thank you so much. it's morning mania at malls and shopping centers across the country and braving it as customers rush to grab those deals. we go the queen center mall in elmhurst, new york. >> reporter: good morning. typically in years past around this time we would be showing
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you long lines of people waiting to rush into the mall. let me show you this year. queens center opened up at midnight and as you can see people are out. most shoppers have at least one if not several bags and executives say this died down compared to what they saw earlier this morning or just around midnight whenever this place was packed even more than now. what we're seeing is signs at every door, 50%, 60%, 70%. finding a lot of people cashing in. patti and veronica, tell me about the deals? >> pretty good. free gifts. >> a lot of incentives. 1:00 seems crazy to come out. >> i came straight from work. it was definitely worth it. >> you're going on no sleep. >> no sleep at all. >> thank you guys. i think that's the story, pretty
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typical. we saw folks waiting in line yesterday too on thanksgiving day of course so this is going to be perhaps the longest shopping season that we've ever seen. terrell, back to you. >> if you're heading out the door you're already too late. president obama sent thanksgiving wishes to u.s. forces. the white house says he called 10 u.s. service members in afghanistan and thanked them for their work and sacrifice. the president then had a quiet thanksgiving dinner celebrating with family and friends at the white house. some service members stationed at a military base near kabul, afghanistan worked up an appetite playing a good old-fashioned game of touch football and followed it up with a traditional thanksgiving meal complete with all the fixings. fragile cease-fire between israel and hamas. both sides declaring victory and vowing to retaliate if attacked but so far it's still holding. a top leader of egypt's muslim brotherhood is calling for a holy war.
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he urged muslims to back the palestinians. his statement contradicts morsi's who helped broker that cease-fire. susan mcginnis is in washington with the latest this morning. good morning. >> reporter: talking about jihad being obligatory for muslims, an example of the conflicting messages that regularly come out of the brotherhood but for now the 24 hour cooling off period has passed and this uneasy peace is holding. two border crossings between gaza and egypt are open again. palestinians forced to remain in gaza when the fighting broke out can return to jobs and families abroad. travel restrictions into israel are also expected to ease. this man says thank god for the first time we have victory and we make the rules. but the israelis are also claiming victory. following the deadly eight day conflict with hamas. hamas promised it would stop firing rockets into israel,
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saving israel from having to launch a ground war. one israeli commander warns, though, his troops will be ready if needed. >> gaza will be a quiet place. if the terrorist organizations re-operate from gaza the future is war. >> reporter: president obama stood by israel during the fighting and still does. his administration is now planning to ask congress to increase funding for israel's missile defense system. the iron dome system intercepted more than 80% of the missiles hamas launched during the conflict. and israel has a man in custody suspected of planting the bomb on a tel aviv bus that wounded 15 people. a police spokesman says the israeli arab is a member of hamas. more arrests are expected. some israelis are expressing disappointment that israel's response wasn't harsher. hamas has declared november 22nd a permanent national holiday. >> susan mcginnis in washington. have a good weekend. thank you.
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egypt's president mohamed morsi has given himself new sweeping powers. he declared the court can't challenge any of his decisions. he ordered the retrial of former president hosni mubarak and top aides. he said his power grab is to protect the revolution that toppled mubarak. critics say he's appointed himself egypt's new pharaoh. coming up, highway horror. a pileup in texas. two dead others critically injured. this is the "cbs morning news." injured. this is the "cbs morning news."
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possible increased risk of prostate cancer, lower sperm count, swelling of ankles, feet, or body, enlarged or painful breasts, problems breathing during sleep, and blood clots in the legs. tell your doctor about your medical conditions and medications, especially insulin, corticosteroids, or medicines to decrease blood clotting. talk to your doctor today about androgel 1.62% so you can use less gel. log on now to and you could pay as little as ten dollars a month for androgel 1.62%. what are you waiting for? this is big news. boxer's family is waiting two more days before deciding whether to take him off life support. hector "macho" camacho was shot in the face tuesday night. he was in a car in puerto rico with a friend. police found nine bags of cocaine on the friend who was killed and one open bag in the car. doctors say camacho's brain was damaged in the shooting from oxygen deprivation.
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>> a holiday tragedy in texas, a massive vehicle pileup left two people dead. 140 vehicles collided in beaumont. >> reporter: dozens of cars and trucks lay twisted and broken along interstate 10 about 80 miles east of houston, texas. the huge thanksgiving morning pileup happened as holiday drivers tried to navigate through dense fog. >> this is a scene when i first got out here i couldn't see probably ten feet in front of me. >> reporter: damien was driving his suv when he found himself in the middle of a chain reaction accident. >> this truck jackknifed and when i saw that i slammed on the brake and we got hit and hit another car. >> reporter: he came to a safe stop but heard the wrecks piling up behind him. >> i just grabbed my kids, pulled them out of the car and ran. that's all i could do. >> reporter: more than 140 vehicles were involved in four
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major pileups. at least two people died. more than 80 were hurt. several critically. the speed limit on that part of highway 10 is 70 miles per hour. police say that was too fast for the foggy conditions. some people had to be removed from their mangled cars. >> we had to cut him out. >> reporter: after helping others to safety, he says his family is grateful. >> this is just more so reason to give thanks to god on thanksgiving, you know, because it could have been detrimental for a lot of different people. >> reporter: rescue crowds credit francois and other drivers for helping while first responders were overwhelmed. bigad shaban, cbs news. >> up next on this friday your black friday forecast and in sports, pistons fans in detroit are left with a sour taste in their mouth on thanksgiving day. ♪
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you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in new york a mix of sun and clouds 58 degrees. mostly sunny in miami 76. windy in chicago 36 degrees. periods of sun in dallas 63 and sunny in l.a., 82 degrees. let's check your national forecast. winter weather alerts are in effect across the northern plains and upper great lakes. one to three inches of snow is expected and as many as eight in some areas. in the northeast expect lots of clouds as well as rain in western pennsylvania. much of the south will see scattered showers while the gulf coast states remain sunny.
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rain today in washington state. the rest of the west stays dry. in sports this morning an all day feast of thanksgiving football ends with a turkey courtesy of the new york jets. new england leading the jets 14-0 when mark sanchez gets rocked. loses the ball. gregory pounces on it. and then the ball is returned 33 yards for a touchdown on the ensuing kick-off. ball is popped out of his hands. goes to new england. julian walks it to the end zone. then it goes into the end zone. redskins quarterback robert griffith iii, fires a 68 yard bomb to robinson. washington goes up 7-3. rg3 throws three more touchdowns to give the skins a lead. skins survive a late cowboy rally to win 38-31. in detroit the lions coaching staff needed tums. the running back appears to be down but no whistle.
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he race's untouched to the end zone. lions coach jim schwartz should challenge that play. he does it wrong. schwartz tosses the red flag but because it was a scoring play and subject to review that decision cost the lions a penalty and renders the play unreviewable make the td stand. schwartz admitted he made a big mistake. >> i'm so mad that they didn't calm down. obviously he was down on the field. that flag was out of my pocket before he scored a touchdown. that's my fault. >> it gets worse. hanson had a chance to win it. doesn't go in. houston kicker gets his chance later. he nails his. 32 yard attempt to win it for the texans. they go on with a w, 34-31. when we come back delivering holiday cheer. families prepare turkey dinners
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only from the postal service. incident as a truce isannoud between israeli and hamas leaders. and overnight, an apartmente injures a san jose fire cap. the residents who got out be the roof collapsed. "i can probably get this del online a lot faster i don'te to deal with this crowd." mixed reactions to early blk friday deals. the highs and lows from the holiday shoppg rush. and a costly threat on the horizon. why the bay area's
4:19 am
here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. d.c., periods of sun, 60 degrees. partly sunny in atlanta, 66. mostly sunny in st. louis, 48 degrees. sunny in dnver, 55. and rain in seattle, 49 degrees. more than 3 million people lined the streets of new york city as macy's thanksgiving day parade made its way down. clowns and marching bands paraded beside hello kitty and buzz light year. 5,000 victims of superstorm sandy many whom lost everything were given front row seats. >> you forget like for one morning, one afternoon you come out here and it's just, you're a kid again. >> sandy can't take our faith or spirit.
4:20 am
>> as is tradition the parade ended with santa claus, the jolly old man in red waving to the enthusiastic crowd. >> many victims of superstorm sandy are still coping with its aftermath. s those hardest hit aren't focused on the holiday, it's all about rebuilding their lives. elaine quijano helped link some of those victims with volunteers. >> in the kitchen we lost the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher. >> reporter: she lost just about everything when hurricane sandy flooded her home. it looked like she wouldn't have thanksgiving either. >> i have no idea when our life is going to go back to normal. >> reporter: her daughter olga turned to facebook and signed them up at a place on the table a page started by jennifer kaufman after the storm. it connects people who want to donate a thanksgiving meal for
4:21 am
families who can't cook. >> what was your goal initially? >> just to help people. just to throw it out there and see if something would happen. >> what did you expect would happen? >> i thought that there would be some mild interest. >> mild. >> mild, yeah. >> more than 600 people signed up. nicole enlisted her family to cook two dinners. >> here we go. >> they had never met. >> happy thanksgiving. >> but embraced like family. >> nicole's family didn't overlook anything. >> where's the wine? >> and to the zawicki family that meant everything. >> thank you. >> all that help we got from our neighbors and friends and everybody. >> people who otherwise would be in a cold house or without walls on thanksgiving could sit at a table for an hour or two and have a meal and some good company then my job is done. >> dozens of meals were delivered by strangers,
4:22 am
strangers who couldn't bare to see people go without a thanksgiving dinner. elaine quijano, cbs news, union beach, new jersey. >> a roller coaster washed into the sea by sandy could become a tourist attraction. it's become an iconic image of sandy's image. the ride was knocked off. the mayor wants to find out if it's stable enough to leave it where it is. that is going to be interesting. coming up after your local news on cbs "this morning" jc penney ceo ron johnson. i'm terrell brown on this black friday morning in new york city. this is the morning news. ,,,,,,
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this week farmers got bad news from a federal report that found the drought has worsened in parts of the country. in florida, citrus growers face another problem a disease that's infecting their trees. and as manuel bojorquez reports it's spreading fast.
4:25 am
>> most of the fruit that's on this tree will not make it to the picking time. >> reporter: he has grown oranges in florida for 50 years but now his 5,000 acre farm is under attack. >> this one is diseased. how do we know that? >> if you cut across it and we can see the interior of it, the seeds in it are what we call dead and they will never mature. >> reporter: a bacterial disease citrus greening, that kills orange trees by sapping nutrients. it's spread by an insect that came to florida with imported plants in 1998. the trees started dying in 2005. >> the tree can be infected with this disease and not show symptoms for three years. so when we look at a tree that looks healthy today we're not sure. we don't know. >> reporter: the industry estimates half of the orange trees are infected. citrus greening has been discovered in georgia, south carolina, louisiana and texas
4:26 am
and california. >> we lost jobs. we lost 3.5 billion in economic impact. >> reporter: andrew meadows is with the trade group florida citrus mutual. >> take a look at your eight ounce glass of orange juice in the morning and imagine that not being there because that's how serious it is. >> reporter: pesticides kills the insect that carries the disease but there's no cure for trees infected with citrus greening. >> what is it like for you when you look at a tree that has this disease? >> well, first of all i think about planting that tree. a lot of them i planted. i think about how hard it's going to be to get a tree to that point. >> reporter: farmers and the u.s. department of agriculture are sending $69 million to develop of a cure but it could take years. that leaves him one option, try to grow new trees faster than his old trees are dying. manuel bojorquez, cbs news, lake wales, florida.
4:27 am
>> we know babies like to kick and stretch. it turns out they yawn. a study of 40 ultrasounds found healthy fetuses yawn often in the early stages of pregnancy. researchers believe it may be linked to the maturing of the brain. we got to find out why yawns are contagious. a lot of that happening around here today especially after that food that a bunch of us ate yesterday. coming up after your local news on cbs "this morning," put the food away, we hit the stores on this black friday. check out the shopping frenzy and bargains. labor disputes at american airlines and u.s. airways could affect your holiday travel. we'll get details. best selling author timothy farris tells us about his book "the four hour chef." that and more a little later on cbs "this morning." that's the news for this friday, black friday. thanks for watching. i'm terrell brown in new york city. take care everybody. have a great day.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald well, 15 pounds heavier, here we are, brian hackney. it's november 23rd. >> yes. frank is off. so you're in and i'm so glad you are. i'm michelle griego. time now is 4:30. you know what? i was eating stuffing on my way in, in the car. [ laughter ] >> is that bad? >> did you just not stop since last night is. >> yeah. i was eating stuffing and turkey at 3:30 a.m. >> well, whatever works. >> whatever. , ladies and gentlemen, before we get to all the news, we have it get the important stuff out of the way. here's lawrence with a check of th weather. >> that makes my mouth water thinking of stuffing and turkey! clouds likelto

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